Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

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If you are looking for pelvic floor physiotherapy in Poland, contact us. The physiotherapist speaks English.  The physiotherapist speaks English. He offers to patients a range of modern methods applied indyvidually according to their symptoms.

The therapist conducts a detailed interview to identify all of the health problems. The patient is then palpated carefully. This would be vaginal palpation for women or rectal palpation for men. At the same time, manual treatment is applied to alleviate the pain revealed during the examination and to restore proper muscle tension. Sometimes, in addition to, or interchangeably with, such treatment, manual treatment in the areas of the hips, sacrum or legs is also needed. This will be stretching or pressing techniques. Although the treatment itself is unpleasant and painful, it provides visible and long lasting effects.

Most patients need a series of several sessions as it is impossible to provide therapy for all the muscles and nerves during a single session.

If needed, the therapist teaches how to train muscles properly. Sometimes when muscles are so week that the patient cannot clench them, it is suggested to hire an electrical stimulator.